At work in Japan, the office lady always offered me a cup of tea. Thus started my habit of drinking green tea while I planned my day. Usually, I drank my tea without an infuser. I discovered that when all the leaves sank to the bottom of the cup, the tea was done. I felt relaxed and energized. I would take deep breaths, clearing my head while the leaves hydrated and sank to the bottom. Taking those few minutes helped me focus.

Life is hectic. You need a few moments in the day to clear your mind, re-energize your body, and reinvigorate your spirit. People love to say they don’t have time to brew a cup of tea. The truth is you don’t have time not to brew a cup of tea. Understandably, you need your tools and materials to brew a great cup of tea. At work, that can be difficult. Decent water and a brewing vessel can be hard to find.

The first major issue is hot-enough, filtered water. When I returned home, I looked for a way to continue enjoying tea at work. Fortunately, my office had a state of the art water filter that dispensed hot and cold water. If your office lacks filtered water, bring your own. Carry it in a water bottle or buy spring water. Many of us have water filters at home and BPA-free water bottles. You can easily bring good water to work. Now how to heat the water?

There are several options to heat up your water. You can purchase a small electric kettle or hotpot for around $10. These devices have a low electric charge and boil water in minutes. Maybe you can share the cost with a fellow tea-drinking coworker. Another option is to slowly heat your water on the coffee maker burner. Under no circumstances should you opt for the microwave! Now what do you brew your tea in?

If you have limited space on your desk, find an all-in-one set. These sets include a good infuser nested inside a cup and capped with a saucer. Another popular option is a teapot that fits on top of a teacup. Looking for beauty? Try a pretty teapot with an infuser and a matching cup and saucer.  Seeing a teapot and cup set, your co-workers will assume you are peaceful, calm, and approachable.

Now you have no more excuses. Zen monks believe the ritual of brewing and drinking tea brought them closer to nirvana. Take ten minutes a day to clear your mind and enjoy your tea moment.