Tea is for sharing, stories are for sharing, and books are for sharing. People do not choose the tea industry randomly nor does tea choose anyone without a greater purpose. Why did you choose tea? Why did tea choose you?

Sereni-Tea: Seven Sips to BLISS debuted last month at The World Tea Expo, but it wasn’t unveiled alone. Sereni-Tea: Refresh the Senses – Soothe the Spirit debuted right alongside it, with a Foreword by Mr. Rajiv Lochan and an Afterword that tells of his journey with tea, as well as his mission and passion for tea, along with a brief introduction to Indian teas.

Another version of Sereni-Tea is steeping right now – Sereni-Tea: An Enlightening Tea Experience. This version will feature Mr. James Pham of EnlighTea Cafes, who will share his vision for 1,000 tea cafes.

I am offering a sip of Sereni-Tea to anyone in the industry who wishes to have their story told in the 50-page Afterword of my current book. The title remains the same, a new subtitle is chosen to match their mission, they write the Foreword and get the Afterword, and voila, we become co-authors!

The book is then made available on their websites and in their stores for promotional purposes or any other reason they desire for their story to be told. It is a wonderful opportunity for customers to understand the deeper mission and vision of the co-author. Both our stories get told in one book – it is two books in one!

My version of the book (Sereni-Tea: Seven Sips to BLISS) features Dan Robertson contributing the Foreword with an introduction to all his tea passions in the Afterword. It is currently available on Amazon and for wholesale purchases.

The tea industry needs all of us – none of us is competing with another. This book is an example of collaborating for a greater mission – the love of tea! Will you be the next one to join me for a sip of Sereni-Tea?