Why should I be surprised when I heard about powdered caffeinated shots by AeroShot? I remember No Doz tablets from my college days. As part of my research for this post, I thought I’d see if that product was still available. My initial search showed a few places where I could, in fact, get it online; however, it was “sold out.” I went to their website and found a “voluntary recall information” link, which, after a couple of additional clicks, I discovered applied to No Doz as well as other products by Novartis. No Doz comes with a kick of 200 mg of caffeine per tablet, which is twice the caffeine in Aeroshot.

What seems amazing to me is AeroShot’s delivery system. Just put your mouth around the cylinder and inhale. This remarkable product was founded by a Harvard professor, David Edwards, who is the founder of the “international creativity movement,” called ArtSciences Labs. Frankly, I wish David spent his time doing more important things than providing a unique delivery system for caffeine.

What is it about our culture that insists that we get our highs fast and easy? God forbid we should take a moment and heat up some water and then – hold on to your hats – wait while the tea steeps. Have we really gotten to a place where we can’t embrace the ritual of tea? Does it have to be so fast and easy? Until they can add some L-theanine into the mix, I’m sticking with TEA. For me, nothing comes close to the attentiveness yet calm that I feel when I drink my delightful green tea throughout the day. No warning to limit my intake. No health concerns. No recalls. Just a simple cup of tea.