In stillness, bliss awaits. In seven sips of tea, bliss can be achieved. But what is bliss? Ahhh, good of you to ask. The answer waits within the pages of my book, Sereni-Tea: Seven Sips to BLISS. Sitting with a cup of tea, you can begin the journey (through my book) with a seven-sip guided meditation, each sip gently taking you deeper within your own heart and mind; only there can bliss be found.

In future editions of Sereni-Tea, I will invite folks from the tea industry to share their tea stories, journeys, mission, and passion for tea in a 50-page Afterword. People tend to choose the tea industry for some rather fascinating reasons; therefore, I am welcoming others to join me for a sip of sereni-tea. This industry needs all of us and everyone’s voice deserves to be heard – we can do this together. Collaborating as co-authors, our stories will get told, our customers will understand our deeper mission, and our book will be sold for promotional purposes from each collaborator’s shop or website. Win-win-win! This is how I follow my bliss.

According to Joseph Campbell, “Find and follow your bliss … doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” In the dedicated and mindful moments spent sipping a cup of tea, you can access this internal place of bliss – this book shows you how. Seven Sips to BLISS made its debut at the just-concluded World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. The official launch of Sereni-Tea: Seven Sips to BLISS is June 25, 2012. Wholesale orders are now being accepted and the book is currently available on Amazon.

Please visit me at my website or on Facebook at Seven Sips to BLISS.