A few months ago, I got an email from Dan Bolton, the wizard who revamped the World Tea News newsletter. He shared with me that the oldest print tea magazine, Tea: A Magazine, originally founded by Pearl Dexter, an early T Ching contributor, had been bought by Graham Kilshaw and that he (Dan) was the new editor / publisher. The magazine would be divided into six sections and he felt I was the perfect person to write the health and wellness section. Needless to say, I was honored to have been seen in such a light and certainly felt intrigued by the idea. Truth is, I just couldn’t pass it up. My daughter had been a writer for a variety of magazines and it was something I always wanted to try my hand at. After all, I’d founded T Ching and had been writing blog posts since 2006. This would be right up my alley … or so I thought.

The first bi-monthly revamped magazine was to feature the ritual of tea, which I was to write. Each time I sat down at my computer, with a cup of tea by my side, I was paralyzed. I just couldn’t pull it together. Nothing was flowing. I actually was feeling a bit overwhelmed. What was going on? With a thermos of tea in hand, I took a hike into the awe-inspiring Columbia River Gorge – essentially right outside my door – and allowed myself to be enveloped by nature. Sitting on a rock, viewing the vista before me, with hot tea coursing through my body, I figured it out. Writing online is somehow different than writing for a print magazine. When your words are indelibly printed on paper that can’t be erased, somehow it feels permanent and even more important or valued than online words. I’m not suggesting that feeling is accurate or valid, it’s just a hidden feeling that I wasn’t even aware I harbored. Once I was able to bring it to light, I was able to deal with it.

That first article went through numerous drafts, but I finally pulled it together, with Dan’s expert help, and produced an article that I could feel good about. The next article, written for the May issue, is about the wonderful herb, ginger. That one was significantly easier to write, so I suspect I’m on my way. The block has been cleared and I’m eager for each new assignment. I think you’re going to like this new version of Tea: The Magazine. We’re hoping that next year we’ll evolve to produce a monthly magazine that will inspire and delight tea lovers around the world.