On my recent visit to India searching for ayurvedic and herbal teas to delight Latin American and Mexican tea drinkers, I encountered quite a few.  I hope this research will be appreciated by Mexicans and Argentinians, in particular, since they drink something similar known as Yerba Buena (in Spanish), used formally as medicine for arthritis, headaches, and other ailments.  

It is evident from the research that we are risking our health while consuming common tea powders that contain colorants, glue, pesticides, flavor enhancers, and other toxic chemical substances.  On the other hand, loose-leaf tea is healthier and most preferred.

India, especially the south of India, has an abundant number of medicinal and aromatic herbs.  Some of the rarest herbs found there can cure diseases like diabetes, a common disease in the Western Hemisphere because of poor lifestyle choices.

Cassia Auriculata is one such herb, which was used to cure diabetes in ancient India and China.  At doses of 0.15, 0.30, and 0.45 g/kg body weight for 30 days, Cassia Auriculata flowers suppress elevated blood glucose and lipid levels up to 30%, therefore having a positive effect on blood sugar levels, serum, and tissue lipids.  It is a natural substitute for glibenclamide (glycedine, amaryl, and other drugs).

Additionally, Cassia Auriculata:
•    Prevents Type 2 diabetes
•    Cures pre-diabetes (blood sugar levels < 160 in FBS and <240 in RBS)
•    Increases sperm count and reduces impotency
•    Refreshes the body and mind as it elevates Carbamazepine levels
•    Cures urinary tract disorders
•    Cures constipation
•    Cures alcohol-related liver injuries
•    Strengthens the body’s immune system
•    Remedies various skin diseases

Last but not least, the advantages and effectiveness are clinically proven and have long-lasting effects.

My hope is that this herb, if blended with regular black tea in appropriate proportions, can offer a good beverage alternative in countries like Mexico and Argentina, where they value drinks that have added medicinal benefits.