I recently had the pleasure of receiving a Teavana gift card in the mail from a dear friend. Dear friends who know you love tea are the best! I decided to start browsing online and pick out a few teas on their website that I was interested in trying. Since I had my brother’s wedding coming up, and was trying to shed a few pounds (girls, you know what I mean!), I decided to try an oolong tea for its presumed slimming benefits. I chose a tea called Slimful Chocolate Decadence. Sounds enticing, right?

I was iffy about buying it because it was kind of expensive in my opinion ($10 per 2 ounces), but the lady at the store insisted that I’d love it and brewed me a sample with some German Rock Sugar. For those of you who are not familiar with Teavana’s German Rock Sugar, it is nothing less than amazing. However, I would never purchase it because I prefer my tea to stay in its healthiest form – most of the time. Let’s just say the tea tasted better with the two tablespoons of German Rock Sugar. Once I got it home, I was a bit disappointed. It lacked flavor even after adding my small portion of stevia.

The tea itself is beautiful. It has large chunks of toasted coconut, dark chocolate chunks, pink rose petals, and ginger spice. It was definitely powerful enough to tame my sweet tooth, but I was imagining more of a rich chocolate-y flavor.

If you are daring enough to add German Rock Sugar to this tea, I say to go for it! It is absolutely delicious! I suppose adding real sugar to it would be sufficient to bring out all of the flavors. Apparently, my beloved stevia is not.

I think I will stick to my small piece of dark chocolate instead of spending $10 on this tea again.