A number of years ago, we had a post about smoking tea. Much to my surprise, it was quite popular. I was even more surprised to read about a company that is actually selling tea to smoke. They’re called Raganella Botanical Solutions and their tea blend for smoking is called Vivid Visions. At the time of this writing, Vivid Visions was out of stock.

I discovered it on an LA Weekly blogs site that actually includes a video showing someone smoking a hand-rolled joint. Apparently, the information has been picked up by many and hence the “out of stock” situation. What is it about smoking substances and getting high that appeals to so many?

For me, having a delicious cup of green tea is my nirvana. However, for those who might be curious, I bet they’re busy filling back orders on Vivid Visions. If you get some, we’d love to hear how it goes.

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