Well, it’s that time of year again. The weather is beautiful – most often sunny – and everything appears to be a fresh shade of green. Come mid-Spring, we’re enjoying the year’s first Farmers’ Market here in Boulder. The Farmers’ Market is one of the best ways to enjoy Boulder’s weather culture, and fresh products. If you’re a foodie who also enjoys people, baby, and dog watching, it’s an event not to be missed!

There’s a lot for our loose tea company to look forward to at the market in 2012: we’ve got a new and exciting tea list and some great new signage premiering our new look. We can’t wait to see a few familiar faces out there. In addition, this year we’re customizing our Farmers’ Market tea selection to focus on the Boulder crowd favorites only – and that means massive quantities of Bolder Breakfast, Climber’s High, Blood Orange Smoothie, and Boulder Blues, in addition to ten other teas.

Oh, and the food … How about amazing tastes ranging from handmade dumplings to pupusas to fresh, mobile, stone oven-baked pizza? It might still be early for all the amazing veggies, but even this early in the season, you can always count on delicious spinach and arugula. My most favorite season here is late August, when our Palisade peaches and local corn are at their peak. But the tea’s always in season, hot or cold, so come by and drink a cup, or two, or three with us!