Month: March 2012

When less is more

There are few consumer product sectors that – when reduced to their most basic form – offer you a significantly better experience. Imagine walking into a car dealership and telling the salesperson you want to buy new wheels…

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Legends on the origins of tea from China, Japan, and Korea

China, Japan, and Korea are all three big tea-consuming countries and, as such, each has its own legends concerning how tea originated. Take a look…

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Hotel Boulderado – History, luxury, and good tea

A significant part of our business consists of bulk leaf tea sales to independent restaurants and cafes. This post is about one of our local customers, and one of my favorite places to go for tea and for the best happy hour…

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Tea and skin care

Tea-scented fragrances and lotions are quite commonplace, with Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Collection being one of the best-known brands. I still remember my first purchase of it in the early 2000s…

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