While being sick for almost a week so far, I have been pondering ways to prevent illness. After creating my list of “things to do to prevent getting sick,” I realized that I am doing all of them. So what am I missing? My list includes consuming abundant amounts of fruits and vegetables, including lots of leafy greens; lots of water; healthy grains like quinoa; coconut; tea; flax and chia seeds; garlic; greek yogurt; legumes; and limited amounts of processed foods and sugars. As you can see, my diet is pretty clean. So, seriously, what am I missing?

Then it hit me – I have been drinking a bit less tea. For some reason in the morning before work, brewing a single cup of coffee seems far easier. I wonder if giving up my morning cup of tea and substituting coffee has contributed to my getting sick.

I am a big fan of preventing illness and keeping my immune system strong. While in college, I was highly stressed all the time. And stress for me equals getting sick … a lot. I graduated last May and was told by someone that it takes a year for pent-up stress to get out of your system completely. Throughout college, I was a devout tea drinker, hardly ever drinking beverages other than tea and water.

I have now made a promise to myself to switch back to my morning tea instead of my morning coffee. I’m hoping this makes a difference in my immune system. I’ve even considered investing in some good immune-boosting tea. Does anyone have favorites? I regularly drink green tea and have been favoring some herbal vanilla rooibos. What are your favorite immune-boosting rituals and teas?