Most tea drinkers are aware of the beauty surrounding tea.  From photographs of tea plantations to the often whimsical names given to the end product – and all the pots, cups, scoops, and tables used in the serving – tea has a place of profound beauty in our lives.  Going back some five millennia, it is no wonder that there is an art exhibit dedicated to this lovely and healthy ritual.

“West Coast Teapots 2012” opens March 2, 2012 at Columbia Center for the Arts (CCA) in Hood River, Oregon, with an opening reception March 2 from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. at CCA.  The show features 40 teapots and 160 teabowls from the twenty most renowned ceramists in the country.  You can preview the upcoming exhibit at the show’s website.

Taking place in my home town, I will be sure to be there opening night!

The photo accompanying this post is from the show’s website.