is my Yin?
Was it left in the tin,
Along with the tea
So much needed by me?
I feel the need for a change.

The Yang of this life,
The stress and the strife,
The fire and action,
The expression of passion;
When will it ever end?

When I take the time
To quiet my mind,
Inhale the tea
That I brewed for me,
The balance begins to return.

The Yin flows in
Quenching flames within,
As I sit with cup in hand,
Gazing out upon the land.
My senses becoming more open.

If I stay for a time
Tea will ease my mind.
As beauty seeps into this space,
The muscles relax in my face.
The open and quiet embrace me.

A dark Yin blanket at night
Transcends to the Yang daylight.
Forever caught in a dance.
Their movement creating life’s chance.
The noise of the world becomes my reveille.

As the Yang of life returns
The Yin will heal the burns.
The balance of action and desire
May both create and inspire.
They need each other, you see.

So when the Yang takes over,
I can move under Yin’s cover,
By sitting down with some tea
And smoothing out life’s calamity.
This balancing act begins and ends with me.

©2012 Joanna DeRungs