I am a simple girl from a small town in Oklahoma. I keep things very simple in my life, especially when it comes to my tea. For years, I was completely happy with a bag of green tea and a mug. However, more http://www.sxc.hu/profile/mun2mrecently, I have upgraded to using a brew basket, quality loose-leaf tea, and mugs that are brilliantly made. There are many tools and accessories you can purchase that will enhance your tea experience. You may enjoy simplicity when it comes to brewing tea, like I do, but to get the most flavor and benefit out of each and every tea leaf, it may be worth looking at the different tea tools and accessories on the market.

  1. Tea Infuser Wand: I have seen this accessory at different stores and websites. It seems more convenient and simpler than a brewing basket. In addition, the wand has gotten good reviews on a number of websites. It has been called a “stylish” way to brew tea. I’d say I’d have to agree! This is a must try for any loose-leaf tea lover!
  2. Tea Filter Straw: This practical tool is fabulously simple. It is nice to be able to mix your loose-leaf tea leaves into your hot water and let them brew freely. The filter straw allows you to drink your tea with the leaves freely floating in your cup! The only concern I have with this tool is the brew time of the leaves. You would have to drink your tea really quickly after the brew time or it would become bitter.
  3. Tea Thermometer and Timer (2 in 1): After visiting a friend who has a variety of tea accessories and tools, most from Teavana, I realized the value of this tool. So many different teas brew best at different temperatures and times. This tool helps you brew your tea leaves at the proper temperature and for the proper length of time, which enhances their flavor.

I plan on buying and trying each of these tea accessories in attempt to enhance my tea experience, even if I am a simple girl who is completely happy with a tea bag and a regular ole’ mug!