Year: 2012

Blessings for the new year

The beginning of a new year is often a time for reflection. For me, reflection and tea go hand and hand. I’m sitting here with my favorite green tea of the month, looking out into the forest with snow dancing from the sky…

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The retail tea journey: Finding our new home

Last month, my post was about looking for a new home for our retail store. This month I’m happy to say we found it … or rather, it found us! When it’s right, it’s just right. Before the clock strikes midnight on…

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The changing tea landscape in China

Just got back from China yesterday. Every time I travel to China, I’m amazed at all the changes taking place. Development and new construction continue at a dizzying pace. A view in any direction from virtually any major city…

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The end of time?

There are a lot of things that need to come to an end – the world, however, not being one of them. Seeing as we all woke up with the blessing of another day on December 21, 2012, perhaps it is time to reconsider competition…

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Tea haiku

Tea and poetry have an inextricable link. The mere process of drinking a cup of tea invites quiet contemplation which, in turn, provides the proper mental terroir for self-expression, like poetry. As a result, there’s…

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