Thanksgiving weekend I had a party – a Pie Fest, to be exact – for which I baked a bunch of pies.  Others brought pies and / or wine, and we ate to our hearts’ content.  This year I also asked people to bring non-perishable food items to donate to a food bank, because I wanted to do something to share my good with others who might not have as much.  Some of my friends brought donations, which I’ll take to a local site next week, but it started me thinking about what people might need or want at the holidays (or any time of the year).

Obviously, food staples are the most important.  It makes my heart hurt when I hear how many people don’t have enough to eat in this country of plenty.  But then I started thinking about other things besides staples, and I’ve decided that a very important thing that is probably missing from most food banks is tea.  Especially good tea.

I’ve written many posts about the comfort I find in a cup of tea.  I would love to think I could share that with someone who may be having a tough time right now.  I know that any mother whose children are in need wouldn’t spend money on tea instead of food, but I also know that the warmth and peace found in a cup of tea could help provide a moment’s haven in the midst of difficulty.

I also think about the elderly, who may be homebound and unable to spend on extras, and I imagine the memories a cup of tea might revive.  A gift of tea might touch their hearts and make them feel special again, when they may be alone much of the time.  There are many situations where a cup of tea might be just the thing that’s needed, and I’m going to do my part to share my favorite beverage with others who may be missing it.

I know that our tea community is a generous and warm-hearted group, and I’m sure many of you have already thought of this.  Undoubtedly, many who own tea businesses are helping to support their communities with gifts of tea or other items.  But if it hasn’t occurred to you, giving tea might be a great way to share something we all love with others in need of comfort and cheer during this holiday season.