sneezingHoliday season seems to coincide with flu season, but thankfully there are a number of “medicinal tea lines” to address the problem.  So, being asked more and more frequently if we have “medicinal teas / herbs,” it was a happy thing to see Stephen the Herb Guy drop by today to show us and talk about some of the natural medicinal herbal blends he has been putting together, several of which we may offer in the future.  

A young, very intelligent guy who lives and breathes herbs, Stephen has taken courses in herbs and natural herbal remedies, has his own organic herb garden, and has been an herbal docent in a nature preserve.  He also uses organic herbs from his garden daily to help him feel better personally. 

One of the things I ask people when they want a Cold Knock-Out, a Flu Fighter, a Fat Burner, or something to address “women’s issues” is “what’s in it?”  More often than not, they can name only the featured ingredient, like echinacea, and have no idea whether or not it’s organic, what else is in the blend, how the ingredients interact or if they do, and why it works on a particular problem.  In speaking with Stephen, who has carefully read the ingredients lists for and actually tried most of the brand medicinal teas / herbals, I have learned that many have combinations of herbs he wouldn’t ascribe to.  For example, organic echinacea is a wonderful natural cold relief herb, but some blends containing it actually have other ingredients that “fight” each other, and can cause digestive problems after discontinuing their use, much as antibiotics do.

Since I’m not an herbalist, I don’t want to try to get into the subject of herbal remedies.  When and if Stephen’s line is available to us, we have asked him to be descriptive on his labels as to why each remedy has the ingredients it does.  For now, we carry a number of excellent green teas,  In fact, yet another study has shown green tea to be helpful in preventing flu in children.

We also love rooibos for its high level of antioxidants and no caffeine, another great option for keeping immune systems strong.  Of course, all loose-leaf teas have a good amount of antioxidants when brewed.  Actually, the bagged medicinal blends containing tea need to be consumed with the knowledge of Dr. Li’s respected study on bottled teas, which showed that, once tea in bags is infused, the antioxidant value drops dramatically.   

So, happy holidays to all and to all some happy, healthy loose-leaf tea drinking!!!