if you love the taste of tea and drink several cups a day, you may need a little bit of inspiration from time to time.  I, for instance, drink so much tea that I run the risk of wearing it out a little.  Perhaps this occurs because I have a tendency to commit to only a few types of tea until the last vestige disappears from my cabinet.  Loyalty can be exhausting.

I feel like I have been drinking English Breakfast Tea, Rooibos, Honeybush Mandarin & Orange, and various types of white teas for weeks.  Still, shouldn’t alternating between four or five teas be enough for practically anyone?  Am I too picky and crave too much variety?

Perhaps I am just a tad bit bored.  But when this malaise occurs (and it happens more than I am willing to admit), I inevitably think of ways to revive my sense of delight.  I think most troubles can be cured just through the act of tapping into one’s wild, creative side (even if it means dumping the rest of my Honeybush Mandarin & Orange teabags into a hot bath and soaking in it for 20 minutes.)  Yes, perhaps that is a bit wasteful, but you gotta’ go with your intuition sometimes!   

There is no proper way to make me-tea, or a tea bath.  (Which reminds me – have you ever read the children’s poem, Me Stew?)  Some people recommend using only a few bags, or loose tea in a muslin bag.  In general, it’s pretty hard to ruin the experience. 

While I’ve read that green tea is especially good for a person’s skin, I think people should try whatever sounds the most appealing to them.  This applies to the quantity of tea, as well.  You can even try blending it with tangerine bubble bath, if you have a hard time accepting the strange discoloration of your water.