Here I sit with my Bergamot tea,
Contemplating the fall.
With the last of the sun shining on me,
I hear the horses call.

Time to get going. Time to get started.
I just can’t make myself rise.
Is it the pull of this wonderful tea?
Or the last morning sun in my eyes?

Photo of a table in front of an open window with light pouring in. A couple cups and a teapot sit on the table.

At the apex of knowing the gray days are coming,
The tea is a comfort here.
Please see me through this dreary weather,
Warm sweater and tea so dear!

I am not falling as much as changing,
With the weather and the clime.
Looking forward to reasons to change with the seasons,
Which bring me more quiet tea time.

©2011 Joanna DeRungs

Photo “Tea time” is copyright under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License to the photographer “sovraskin” and is being posted unaltered (source)