teapotGrowing up in Maplewood, New Jersey, I lived my entire life in the same house until I left for college.  My father was an artist, so our home was filled with works of art of great beauty.  I believe that’s where my love of art began.  Although I’m not an artist myself, I have a deep appreciation for anything that is handmade.  I know that when I interact with things of beauty on a daily basis, it has the power to elevate me from my mundane routine and bring me to another level.  It needn’t be of tremendous value to be beautiful, of course, as the impact is the same whether it cost pennies or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

teapotMy husband introduced me to the beauty of nature when we were dating in our early teens.  I would have to say that nature has been a driving force in our adult lives, influencing where we live and how we spend our time.  Taking a walk in the woods which surrounds me, I’m often bringing home lichen-covered branches or interesting stones that I consider every bit as much a treasure as an artisan-crafted painting or scultpure.

teapotMy love of all things tea is no exception.  Be it a simple, bamboo tea strainer, or a handmade cup or pot, these items bring such pleasure to my world.  Therefore, I was delighted to discover recently a website that has over 1,000 handmade teapots ranging in price from under $20 to several hundred dollars.  I must admit to being quite surprised by the lovely pots that were VERY reasonably priced.  Imagine drinking your favorite tea from an artisan teapot that costs $38.  The site is etsy.com and if you search for ceramic teapots, you’ll find over 45 pages of beautiful handmade teapots. 

Buying online has its drawbacks, but I’m hoping that email dialogues with the artists provide additional information.  Ultimately, aside from the aesthetic and size of the pot, it’s all about the pour.  I’ve got emails out to a few and hope to be able to report back on which lovely pots I’m getting!