tea leaf readingWhen I arrived in Australia, I didn’t know anybody except a business lady in Sydney.  Fortunately, my husband had to work in Sydney for a week before we moved to sunny Brisbane, so after a 24-hour flight, we checked into our room early, thanks to the wonderful hotel.  Wasting no time, I took a shower and headed out to meet Suzy (the business lady) at her networking event.  There, I met a lady, who put me in touch with a tea lady, with whom I arranged to have tea.  The tea lady, in turn, invited Lindel Revell-Barker to the gathering.

Prior to meeting Lindel, the only interaction I had had with tea leaf reading was when I received a book about the subject after attending Jane Pettigrew’s Masterclass three years ago.  I have to admit that it had collected dust on the bookshelf until recently (blush blush).

Lindel is an amazing woman.  I learned so much from her with regard to her business, her book, and her knowledge of the Australian tea industry.  You can also purchase her tea leaf reading app on the iPhone and Android!  On T Ching, I’ve admitted to a few naughty things I’ve done, such as being snobby about herbal infusions and correcting people when they refer to High Tea.  Now here’s another little secret I’d like to share with you – I didn’t know much about tea leaf reading and wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to.

A year on, I have to admit to eating my words as I was invited to a product launch earlier in the year, and as part of the entertainment there was a tasseologist to read people’s coffee grains.  The tea leaf reading industry is an amazing one.  Tasseologists can be hired to entertain as part of a product launch, an Afternoon Tea (High Tea), or a tea party in someone’s home.  Maybe you can even learn how to read your own tea leaves.  What about holding a tea leaf reading event in your tea room?!

tea leaf readingLindel and I met again a year later with another fellow tea leaf reader and both Lindel and Suzy enlightened me on people’s reactions when they’ve had readings.  Of course, there were those who were sceptical and walked away with a newfound respect for the practice, those who enjoyed the evening as it gave them an insight into their lives, and those who found the experience a whole heap of fun.  I think I ticked all of those boxes.

So, if you’re looking for ways to drive more traffic to your tea room, I would recommend hiring a tasseologist, as it is both quirky and fun.

P.S. I won’t tell you what Lindel shared with me, but if you look at the cup above, you’ll see the letter “T.”  It seems that I was destined to work with this beautiful beverage.