chai latteIt was just this past September when I discovered Almond Breeze as a viable alternative to organic dairy.  I had seen it at Queensdale Market a few times, but had taken a pass on it because it was in a tetra pack.  I try never to buy anything in those containers, as they are incredibly costly to make and very difficult to dispose of.  In case you are wondering what a tetra pack is, think six or seven layers of foil and plastic laminated together.  There is nothing you can do with it other than incinerate it or stuff it into the ground once you use it eight times.

Recently, because of my diminishing need for dairy, Almond Breeze has found a way into my fridge door.  I am addicted to the way it tastes with the Tipus micro-ground, so I buy the biggest box I can, which is the two-liter size.  I figure this is half as bad as buying the one-liter size, which means that every week in my recycling bin, there is one two-liter Almond Breeze container.  I do plan to implore the company to switch to less ridiculously wasteful packaging.

That being said, I have fallen deeply in love with Almond Breeze.  Moving away from dairy for my chai and morning cereal routine seems to have made me less sluggish in the mornings.  I also have discovered its amazing ability to hold perfect micro-foam for latte art.  In addition, its taste with the spices requires no added sugar.

In past posts, I have commented that the pizzazz baristas have introduced to an art form we see so successfully created in specialty coffee shops needs to cross over into specialty tea shops.  Our tea lattes should be works of finesse and skill – wowing the customer with style, quality, and flavor.

With this in mind, I set out on a mission to become much better at tea latte art, so I could help others perfect their own tea latte art.  In the progression below, you’ll see how my rosettas have become more refined over the weeks.  The final one is from this morning and I think it is the best one I have poured yet.  Keep in mind that I drink chai lattes about four times a week, so in a month I will pour 16 lattes.  This is essentially what the progression looks like after roughly 20 lattes with Tipus micro-ground and Almond Breeze Original:

chai latte




This was not the first attempt creating art, but it was the first with Almond Breeze.  Its flavor profile with Bipin’s Chai is out of this freakin world, folks!





chai latte



Last week, after reviewing a few more videos on YouTube about latte art, I had a breakthrough.  As you can see, this one looks much more professional and stylish.

chai latte




This is the one I made this morning.  I am pretty happy with the evenness, and this is about 20 lattes since the first picture.


Each time I sip one of these, I marvel at the exquisite lingering profile, which for a long-time chai lover like myself is totally transcendent.  So, go grab a liter (or two) of Almond Breeze, get some chai from Tipus, and make yourself some bliss in a cup.  I challenge you NOT to levitate.