Green Tea Latte foam

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the magnificent, delicious, delectable idea of a latte made with tea.  I’ve always thought vanilla lattes from Starbucks were amazing, but avoided them because of the sugar content and how they made me feel after I drank them.  Which is yet another reason I love tea – you never feel awful after drinking a cup of tea.  It just doesn’t happen (for me, anyway).

After recently moving back to my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma (from the great city of Los Angeles), I began my tea journey in this small city of wonders.  Contrary to popular belief, Tulsa has quite a cool, artistic scene.  There are several hip little coffee shops that offer local art, freshly brewed coffee, and organic teas.  I am currently sitting at the Cherry Street Coffee House, located on the very cute and hip street called Cherry Street, sipping a mate latte.  It made me start wondering how I first fell in love with the concept of having tea in latte form. 

A tea latte is a lot easier to make than you might think.  All I do at home is take loose-leaf Yerba Mate, steamed vanilla almond milk, stevia or agave, and cinnamon.  It tastes delicious and it’s easy!  You can also visit the Guayaki Yerba Mate website for more mate latte ideas.  They give examples for adding different flavorings, like vanilla and mocha.  You can ditch your favorite coffee latte at Starbucks and try adding Yerba Mate to your life.  It has amazing health benefits – more, some say, than green tea. 

If you need a mini pick-me-up and are tired of your “plain” tea, try making a tea latte.  You never know how delicious it might turn out!