“There’s always time for tea,”
A wise friend said to me,
As she widely opened her door.

“I know you are in a hurry.
Please don’t let it become a flurry.
A few minutes will help you restore.”

How long does it really take?
Two to five minutes to make,
A warm and lovely drink for the soul.

As she brewed and we chatted away,
I felt tension ease from the fray,
Of where I had been just before.

Then time melted and held me there,
Where the world could not interfere.
I took comfort in this small quiet space.

Away from all stress for a moment,
To sit and just be content,
What a gift for myself to embrace!

As I regretfully turned to go,
The blessing of tea I began to know;
To carve out time in our busy lives.

The lesson that was given to me,
“There’s always time for tea,”
Is passed along as words to the wise.

©2011 Joanna DeRungs