The name “Jamba Juice” has always confused me, primarily because their product has nothing to do with juice.  They’re smoothies.  That’s not juice.  Maybe they chose to use the word “juice” to capitalize on the alliteration of “Jamba Juice.”  But really, is the word “Jamba” all that significant?  Is it even a word?  Regardless, the folks at Jamba Juice make very good smoothies, particularly when they make them with tea.

I wasn’t on any honorable mission to support tea everywhere when I tried their Matcha Green Tea Blast smoothie.  To be honest, it sounded cool and I was slightly bored.  Plus, it was green.  Who doesn’t like green things?

I did ask what was in it, and was told it contained Matcha powder, soy milk, frozen yogurt, and crushed ice.  So I tried it, for lack of a reason not to.

To my surprise, it was quite good.  It was cold, which was probably due to the crushed ice, and very creamy and sweet, but it actually tasted quite a bit like tea.  Which was kind of a big thing, given that I had assumed I would not be able to taste any tea.  But it was definitely there, and it was even more evident in the aftertaste, which was much more tea-like than the rest of the drink, since the soy milk and frozen yogurt had already been swallowed.

The downside?  Well, it’s obviously more expensive to buy a smoothie than to make a pitcher of iced tea, and if you actually feel like drinking tea, you really should go with the iced tea – since it’s actually tea.  But if you’re just looking for something that tastes like tea, but is sweeter, has an entirely different texture, and is available to buy with no preparation needed, then a good bet is a smoothie.

When it’s not popping up in a smoothie, it is amazing how often tea comes up in conversation.  Twice now, I have participated in something called NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.  It’s usually in November, but this time, I attended Summer Camp NaNoWriMo.  It’s always lots of fun, though I never come anywhere near finishing a novel.  This July, however, I spent more time discussing different varieties of tea with fellow NaNoers than writing.  These conversations led me to want to sample many more types of tea, but sadly did nothing to increase my word count.