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In a previous post, I wrote about tea collaboration.  This month I wanted to share with you another collaborative effort – with Dr. Ana Brandão, a classical feng shui specialist and founder of Living in Harmony.  I met Ana through the wonderful world of social media and when she attended one of my tea appreciation classes in Sydney, we realized the synergy between tea and feng shui and created a seminar called “Tea and Chi.”

Many tea companies have acknowledged the energy (or chi) that tea can give us.  Some tea companies have even incorporated “chi” into their business name!  As a BBC (British-Born Chinese), I am well aware that feng shui, chi, and tea are all inherent parts of my culture.  In working with Ana, who has spent time studying feng shui in China, I have come to recognize that we both share a similar mission in life – to educate.  In creating this seminar, we were able to share some tea as well as demystify attendees in our respective areas of expertise.

Whether you would like to improve your health, wealth, relationship, home, or business, feng shui specialists can facilitate the flow of positive chi in those areas.  In our seminar, Ana asked, “What is chi?” and there were some great answers, such as life force, energy, and prana.  These are common interpretations of chi, but how does chi relate to tea, one might ask?  Well, we are all accustomed to drinking something to pick us up and give us energy, something we all know tea does well.  In talking about the mental alertness that caffeine can give us, I also use the opportunity to allay people’s fears about caffeine by introducing the other equally wonderful, but calming, amino acid that is theanine.  Caffeine and theanine are the perfect ying and yang in tea, in my humble opinion.

Both Ana and I refer to balance.  With tea, I refer to balance in answering one of the most common questions I am asked – “Which is the best tea for losing weight?”  One can only lose weight if one eats less, drinks better-quality beverages, and exercises.  Although tea is purported to assist in weight management, one must adopt a healthier lifestyle to see long-lasting results.  One of the points I stress whenever I talk about tea is: Don’t drink tea because it’s good for you, drink tea because it’s really enjoyable!

From the range of questions we received that evening, there is no doubt that there is still a long way to go in educating people about tea and feng shui.  But we have made a start and for the tea businesses who are a part of T Ching, I’d like to invite you to consider collaborating with a respected feng shui consultant to spread the word about tea and chi.

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