tea strainerEach time I attend the World Tea Expo, I almost hold my breath as I begin to walk down each aisle.  I’m always on the lookout for a wonderful new product that combines form and function in a way that delights the senses.  The truth is that a wonderful cup of premium tea is always something to enjoy.  Somehow, however, when we add a piece of teaware whose creativity speaks to us, it has the ability to enhance the experience and pleasure of that cup of tea.  I’ve always been an advocate of bringing art into our daily lives.  Be it a beautiful pen, a writing tablet, a hair brush, a key case, or a water glass, the inclusion of a thing of beauty into our daily routine can transform it into something that is far from routine.

tea strainerThis year, the Tea Nest by Tea Tangent was such a product.  I smiled as I approach the booth and knew this would be something I had to have.  Although I do most of my everyday brewing in small pots, I fell in love with the Tea Nest.  The craftmanship is impressive, with unexpected details that delight the user.  The underside of the base as well as the underside of the lid are examples of such details.

The wood is lovely to look at and feel, but most importantly, the basket strainer is large and provides an optimal amount of space for the leaves to unfurl.  This creates an unexpected aesthetic experience that can only enhance a delicious cup of tea.

The Tea Nest’s Philidelphia sales director, Hope Hilby, wholesales this item from her website.  Those who are looking to purchase a nest for themselves or as a gift can also find it on Amazon.