of last Tuesday, I am officially a college graduate and I have decided it is now time for an adventure!  Although I’ve lived in the beautiful city of Los Angeles for four years, I have yet to explore all the tea businesses this great city has to offer.  Being from a small town in Oklahoma that only has one official tea house, the plethora of tea houses, tea rooms, tea shops, and quaint tea cafes here is quite exciting.

The thought of exploring while in school was exhausting, but with a month and a half before I move back to my roots, I plan to indulge in every cute tea place I want!  There are several I have my eye on.  However, if you live in the Los Angeles area, feel free to let me know your reviews of these and other spots I may not be aware of.

At the top of my tea to-do list is Bricks & Scones on Larchmont Blvd.  I hear about this place all of the time and every time I drove by as a student, I just sighed and said, “I’ll go after I graduate.”  They serve Lupicia tea, which I am not familiar with, but am really excited to try.  The atmosphere at Bricks & Scones is very “home away from home” – a beautiful setting with tons of greenery and flowers.  They serve fresh-baked goods, pastries, and sandwiches on site each day.  In addition to indoor and outdoor seating, one of the neatest things about this place is their “library.”  It is a place to which you can bring books you don’t want and take those that you do want – kind of like a book swap.  I really like the local feel of this place and, based on the amazing reviews I’ve heard, I think it’s a must.

The other place I want to try is Four Leaf Tea Room.  I haven’t heard as much about this one, except rave reviews about their almond milk tea.  Since I am in love with both almond milk and tea, I’m interested in tasting those flavors combined.  They also serve a crepe called “The Smoking Bird,” which includes tea-smoked chicken breast.  I haven’t had the pleasure of trying foods cooked in tea yet, so I am very interested in exploring that as well.

If anybody has been to either of these places, give me your feedback.  Or if anyone would like to recommend their favorite tea spots in Los Angeles, I am looking for suggestions.  Let the tea adventure begin!

For more on tea places in Los Angeles, check out Erika Cilengir’s post – although the fourth place she mentions is no more.