tea was the first drink Americans had
Then how could our knowledge of tea be so bad?

In waters of Boston, most likely still rests
On the ocean’s clear bottom, tea torn from its chests

If every young girl imagines that she
Is at a tea party pouring out the tea

If, in every market, tea bags line the shelves
Then we should truly be ashamed of ourselves

If everyone has a few bags put away
Then why don’t we all take it out every day?

In all that we read, it can banish a cold
Then why do we let our teapots rust and grow old

If everyone’s heard that it’s good for your health
In legends, it’s brought people wisdom and wealth

It’s deep in our culture, from British “high tea”
To everyday thermoses for you and for me

We know all their names, from Darjeeling to red
White, green, and, of course, English Breakfast (in bed)

Little Teapot’s a song that everyone knows
But our love of tea, why, where did it go?