’s two days past my T Ching deadline. Again.

I’m sitting at one of my favorite thinking spots, It’s A Grind, watching a lovely young girl hop on one foot entertaining herself in the most innocent way. I stare, delighting in the simple joy of her accomplishments.
I divert my attention back to my writing project, which I’ve procrastinated on long enough. Searching through pages of possible tea titles collected over time, I am hopeful that one will inspire my inner Jane Pettigrew to create a post that is poignant or witty or educational or … anything other than what it is right now – a flat plain of possibilities waiting to be intelligently strung together with words.

Mind you, my life and my business are far from flat. Were I to have a camera person following me around through each frenetic moment of my day, you’d sure to be entertained. But alas I must sit and write.

One title idea, “The Diversification of a Tea Portfolio,” was birthed from a realization that I have expanded my tea business over the last three plus years from tea wholesaler to tea wholesaler / retailer to wholesaler / retailer / tasting room owner to all of the above plus consultant to a growing cupcakery that solely serves Naja Tea as an acompanyment to their mini cakes of yumminess.

But that’s a post to be written in parts with detail and explanation and that takes planning and time, which is at a premium at the moment.

Then there’s the title idea, “In Time For Tea,” which would be about how busy I’ve been – so much so that I haven’t even had time to take my daily (and much-needed) afternoon tea break. But I’m quickly reminded of the self-absorbed editor of an online magazine who, when quite late for an interview with me, frantically blurted out over her cell phone, “Honey, I am just busy, B-U-S-S-S-S-Y.” I got her drift and vowed never to express my over-busyness as an excuse for anything.

There are dozens of other title ideas that may very well make their way to the T Ching pages at some point in time. But today, my current object of interest, the little girl who now sits quietly enjoying her own cup of something hot as the world revolves around her, reminds me that sometimes just going with the flow of the moment will get you exactly what you need in that moment.

And right now that’s a delicious cup of hot tea.