Sometimes I wonder what kind of college student I would be if I didn’t drink tea.  Tea does something to me.  It calms me down and relaxes me when I am stressed beyond comprehension.  I am terrified to know what kind of student (or person) I’d be if I didn’t have the comfort of tea.  Does anyone else feel this way? my day at school is stressful, all I long for is to sip upon a teacup and throw away all my worries.  I feel like every sip I take is benefitting my mind, body, and soul.     

I am proud to say that usually tea is my comfort, but sometimes I use it for its caffeine, or should I say “boosting” abilities.  You know – when you stay up too late studying for a test or are trying to cram so much information into your head that you can’t sleep!  I would be lying if I said that I could get through college without caffeine.  Being a senior in college, in my last semester, I’ve had my days of needing caffeine.  I try not to rely on tea for that because above all else I drink tea for the benefits it offers my body. 

I also rely on tea for keeping my immune system strong.  I tend to get sick often during each semester of college.  Even though I eat very healthy, I still need an added boost of protection from illness.  Tea does that for me.  When I start feeling a little scratch in my throat, I know to up my intake of green tea.  This has been a great preventative tool for me.

Besides tea calming and relaxing me, giving me a caffeine boost when needed, and helping prevent illness, tea also just flat out makes me a happier person all around!  Luckily I can usually sip tea before I let stress rule my life.  But sometimes, stress will still get the best of me. 

To all you readers out there who are college students or just get stressed out easily, which leads to illness or unhappiness, try sipping tea.  When you can feel yourself about to have a freakout moment, take a seat, brew some tea, and just sip.  Sip until all your worries are out of your head and you are thinking of happier thoughts.  From my many years of experience – being in college for 6 years – tea definitely helps.  Happy sipping!

I will continue with my series about tea benefits next month …