tea in a jar

I recently took a trip to my home town of Fort Collins, Colorado.  While I was there, my mom was intent on taking me to a tea shop she discovered called Happy Lucky’s in the old town part of the city.  She wanted me to try something called “tea in a jar.”  I was a little skeptical that something called “tea in a jar” would be good (especially because it comes in a container that looks like a pickle jar).   Since I’m always interested in any kind of new tea and my mom has very good taste in everything gastronomical, I gave it a try. 

“Tea in jar” is a Korean concoction of fermented fruit and honey.  A couple of tablespoons is mixed with hot water and a tisane (rather than a tea) is formed.  I tried many flavors – ginger, citron, aloe, pomegranate, and blueberry.  

I was pleasantly surprised.  All were very good, but I really enjoyed the citron, aloe, and ginger.  The citron tasted a lot like a high-quality Italian marmalade with pieces of orange and lemon rind, which can be nibbled on while drinking the brew.  The aloe was surprisingly yummy with a light flavor that had a slight hint of honeydew melon.  The ginger was a little spicy and seemed like the perfect beverage for a sore throat or the common cold.

Good things don’t always come in good packages.  I encourage everyone to give “tea in a jar” a try.  It’s a nice, caffeine-free, warm beverage that really hits the spot on a chilly winter night.