China Tea TourTea tourism is becoming an ever-more intriguing idea as tea lovers and business people desire a more personal and in-depth experience of tea. Governments are adding tea tourism arms to their tourism bureaus. International conferences are including lectures and segments on tea tourism. Tea gardens – some of the most beautiful and serene places on earth – are setting up tourist lodgings. Tea factories are building special viewing areas so visitors may see the process underway. After all, Darjeeling was originally set up by the British as a retreat and convalescent station, so there is an obvious logic in visiting tea country for recreation and leisure.

The pioneer of tea tourism, World Tea Tours®, proudly celebrates 15 years of tea adventure with the China Tea Tour® 2011. Dates have been set for September and destinations include Beijing, QinHuangDao, Huang Shan, Huo Shan, Xian, Kunming, Dali, Lhasa in Tibet, and an optional post-tour trip to Darjeeling, India.

China Tea TourStudents of tea are seeking more hands-on learning that can only be gained through actual travel to the tea-producing areas. The cultures, traditions, and people who create our favorite beverage can best be understood by interacting with them in person. As demand for and availability of better-quality teas continue to rise, so too does curiosity about tea production. As in the past, the China Tea Tour® this year will feature many opportunities to learn about tea through factory visits, garden tours, tea picking / processing, lectures, and tea houses and markets as well as major cultural and historic sites. One of the special features will be a visit to a yellow tea production center to learn about this rare tea category and its unique production methods.

As anyone who has been to tea gardens can tell you, there is nothing quite like drinking fresh tea right where it was made. For more information about the China Tea Tour® 2011 and other World Tea Tours, visit, contact Dan Robertson at [email protected], or call (630) 961-0877.