tea cupMy very first tea cup was bought at a secondhand store when I was in the second grade.  It was very pretty – white with a white flower and leaves on the side and a rim that was shiny and gold.  I liked it very much and used it for a long time until it was placed a little too close to the edge of the shelf and fell when the cupboard was opened, breaking on the floor. 

Admittedly, I did try to glue my cup back together, enlisting my mom’s help, but in the end, it was destined for the trash can.  It has been gone for quite a while now – before I started writing for T Ching – and I had almost forgotten about it until my parents gave me a beautiful new cup for Christmas.

This cup was a replacement for my first one, and I like it even better – not just because it is bigger and dishwasher-safe, but because it is so pretty.  Like my old cup, this one is white, and the sides and lid are decorated with a colorful flower design, complete with butterflies.  It also contains a removable brew basket, so I can brew both loose-leaf and teabags in it. 

cat drinking teaI’ll always have fond memories of my first teacup, but I plan to keep this one forever and use it as often as possible, even if I do have to continue my habit of using it, putting it in the dishwasher, pulling it out again, and then starting all over again.

And it’s not like I’m the only one who likes my cup.  One of my cats, Juliet, likes it too.  Specifically, she likes the lid, because it makes an excellent saucer for her when I pour a little tea in it and let her drink.  I’ve discovered she likes mint tea almost as much as I do.