Probably not unlike you, T Ching readers, I love a great local tea spot!  Who doesn’t?  Unique, new, different, charming – my list of reasons to love local spots could go on and on.  Then, if you add the word “tea” to “local,” it just brings a whole new level of excitement for me! in my hometown of Owasso, Oklahoma over Christmas break, my sweet mother and I decided to try out the new tea house we had just become aware of in Tulsa.  It’s called Dragonmoon Tea Co. and is located in the mid-town area of Tulsa, Oklahoma in a beautiful two-story brick house that was built around 1924.  If you drive by too fast, you could miss the precious little sign at the front of the tea house – in fact, my mother and I did a couple of times. 

We undoubtedly looked like a couple of over-ecstatic tea ladies getting ready for high tea as we walked into the cutely decorated little tea house.  As you enter, there is a tiny area that has tea pots, tea, and various décor items.  Keep walking ahead and you get to the most delicious part of the whole place – the dessert cabinet.  We sat down in a unique room with art on the walls done by children from a Tulsa art school.  It made me happy that they were supporting local artists, even if they were children! 

We were very surprised by the extensive tea menu and had a problem deciding which tea to try!  They had a large variety from Earl Greys to Blacks, Greens, Oolongs, Herbals, and many more.  How can you choose from such a great variety?  Well, I chose a Cream Earl Grey because it sounded absolutely divine, and it was.  They brought out the tea in glass tea pots, which I highly appreciated because I always think it’s nice to see the actual color of the tea.  It enhances my taste of the tea.  Of course, they put the tea on little burners so our tea was always kept at the perfect temperature. 

I could go on and on about the tea, but I will stop for a moment to tell you about the food, which was equally amazing.  My mother and I split a croissant sandwich with a side of wild rice salad.  For dessert, we had heaven – heaven on a plate.  I can’t remember the name of the dessert, but when you go there (because everyone should!), just say the dessert with gingerbread.  It went perfectly with the Cream Earl Grey.  We also took home a Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding for my dad and we almost fell on the floor, it was so scrumptious. 

Dragonmoon Tea Co. was rated the “Best Kept Secret in Oklahoma,” and it truly is that.  If anyone reading this lives in the Tulsa area, do yourself a favor and try this awesome tea house.  If you don’t live near Tulsa, but have a chance to visit, you must stop by Dragonmoon.  It is worth your time.  However, I am even more thankful for this tea house because I will be moving back to Tulsa later this year.  They will be seeing a lot more of me!