Dam Dim Gardens in IndiaTucked away in the flat lands of the Dooars region in India – down some severely bumpy and winding roads in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, past many raging rivers and flowing streams – tea and tranquility await. 

Dooars, or Duars, means “door” in Nepali (and several other languages) and it is the name of the lush plains or floodplains of India, and one of the many gateways to Bhutan from India.

Out of this jungle-type area, a very traditionally established British tea garden has been turned into a Tourist Bungalow that offers the finest quarters, excellent service, superb cuisine, and tea service twice a day! It was my privilege to be very well taken care of at Dam Dim Tea Estate and Tourist Bungalow in late 2010.

Dam Dim Gardens in IndiaI was given a private tour of the tea estate, the tea factory, and the estate bungalows at the plantation. They offer many different types of packages to accommodate the needs and desires of even the most savvy tea folks, as well as for those who simply wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of India.

At Dam Dim, there are lush flowering gardens to stroll, benches among the bushes, a garden swing for two, winding walking paths, a covered gazebo, and even a tree house that offers a glorious bird’s eye view of the tea fields that stretch out for miles.

When touring the tea fields, I saw many elevated look-out posts high in the trees and asked what they were on the look-out for. Sirens went off periodically and shots were fired on regular intervals – for what, my inquiring mind wanted to know? Why was this noise necessary in such a quiet and serene area?

It seems a threat looms in this area that has the local tea pluckers and workers quite nervous. Wild elephants! When a herd of them decides to storm through these waist-high tea bushes, they can do a great deal of damage. I didn’t get to see any of these magnificent creatures come along during my stay, but I did get to see the evidence they leave behind when I was visiting other tea estates in the Darjeeling area – we had to watch where we were walking!

Dam Dim Gardens in IndiaThe weather can warm up dramatically in this region and it is said that to beat the heat the tea planters (the managers of the tea estate) and their families often trekked up the winding roads into the town of Darjeeling to socialize with other tea planters of this region and to take in the much cooler temperatures of this elevated and most pristine area. To this day, they still share stories of the galas and social activities that took place among the tea planters of these vast areas.

Dam Dim was originally called “The Barrons Tea Estate” when it was run by the British. In the mid-1970s, Tata Tea took over the estate and, late in 2006, they opened a portion of Dam Dim to help promote tourism in the area by offering overnight accommodations and fabulous service, as well as a peek into life on a tea estate. Nothing says hospitality like a freshly steeped cup of tea!


So great are the gifts of God
that they cannot be measured.
Absolute, boundless perfection is the God I know,
and I know that God is all there is. 
The Force is infinite.
There is no space between God and me – we are one.
This Oneness is immeasurable and immutable.
Infinite love is given to me free of any conditions,
free of any limits and free of all boundaries.
I am good enough to accept and embody God’s love just as I am. 
A love for eternity from Divine Infinity,
is the greatest treasure of all. 
For this gift, I feel from the core of my being
a love and appreciation beyond words.
God knows the home of love and gratitude,
this place that defies borders and
this place where words do not exist.
This is the birthplace of infinity. 
From here, from within, I release all limits,
all fears, and all smallness as I completely trust this Infinite Wisdom.
It guides me always, guards me always, and governs me all ways. 
For all of my days.