You may have read Animal Farm, Down and Out in Paris and London, or 1984, but have you perused George Orwell’s essay on tea?  I did not know that it existed until recently, and I am pretty excited (needless to say).  I love the wit of this famous author and was pretty curious what he had to say about tea.  Even for those of you who are not the biggest book readers, Orwell’s essay is a short, informative, and humorous treatise on the history and preparation of this highly rated beverage. everyone will agree with all of Orwell’s points in this essay, but why not read about them anyway?  There is always something to learn, especially if you are wondering what kind of tea to try next, how to prepare it, or whether to use sugar or milk.

Orwell may not have been an authority on tea, but I was pretty curious to read about his opinions and tastes.  Like me, he did not use much sugar and preferred a slightly bitter taste.  He wrote that most people fool themselves into thinking that tea is only good with sugar.

Orwell makes so many points in his essay that it would be almost impossible to follow them.  Also, since this essay was written a while ago, it was intended for a different audience.  I have no idea whether the mugs I use are cylindrical or shallow!  Should I find someone to analyze my teacup shape?  Is there an official guide?  Like anything in life, I may borrow a few of his suggestions and ignore the rest.  Either way, I am tickled pink that one of the best authors of the 20th Century wrote such an interesting article on tea.