Home for the holidays – so sweet and full of delicious food, family love, and lots and lots of tea!  My mother, my sister, and I received beautiful new teapots for Christmas as well as some wonderful tea.  But unfortunately, tea isn’t exactly what it used to be for my mother.

Recently, my mother woke up in the middle of the night with heart problems and ended up in the emergency room.  This heart scare led her to eliminate caffeine from her diet, which meant no tea or dark chocolate, two things that she indulged in.  In her opinion, now she can’t drink the “fun and yummy” teas, so we have to get creative.  There really aren’t too many decaffeinated teas we have found that she enjoys.  She usually sticks to decaf green and other green tea variations.  Before being limited to non-caffeinated drinks, she thoroughly enjoyed fruity teas that all had caffeine.  We are still on a search for some great decaf teas.

This got me thinking about everyone in the world who may have heart problems.  If they have to eliminate caffeine from their diet, they really aren’t able to enjoy the amazing teas that I indulge in.  My sister and I have searched high and low for nice teas without caffeine.  We have looked for tea at online stores and specialty tea shops and have found little to no caffeine-free teas that are “fun and yummy,” as my mom describes them, besides herbal teas, of course, which my mother is not too fond of.

I really think that there must be a treasure chest of decaf teas somewhere that I am missing out on.  If anyone knows of delicious decaf teas that would benefit those who can’t consume caffeine, please enlighten the world . . .