Are you serving Sanity?
I seem to be running out.
A mouse is trapped in the cupboard;
And the children scream and shout.

Are you serving Sanity,
In your quiet wooded lair?
I need to borrow a cup or two –
The second to keep as a spare.

I can’t believe I have let my supply
Run so frightfully low.
I felt it draining, but thought,
“It’s raining, I’ll get some soon, I know.”

I need some Sanity poured in,
‘Til my cup is brimming full,
I will drink it deeply, gratefully in,
And let it spread to my soul.

I promise to make good use of it,
And when the time does come,
I will be here with some Sanity
To share when yours is gone.

©2010 Joanna DeRungs