When the Huffington Post comes out with the headline “Real Men Drink Green Tea,” I think it’s safe to say that green tea has indeed arrived and is here to stay.  If you doubt it, just think about what that did for quiche!

A self-proclaimed health-and-wellness advocate, Entrepreneur and Founder of CooperativeHealth Craig Cooper seems to know his stuff.  He cites many current research studies about the health benefits of green tea and its ability to fight cancer, heart disease, obesity, and a variety of other ills.  He does mention the issue of the desired 3-5 cups daily and recommends a “smoothie” to take some of the pressure off.  One thing he misses the boat on in his effort to convert the masses is an introduction to appropriate brewing techniques.  Without this information, those initial attempts to brew whole-leaf orthodox tea (non-blends) could well be a disaster, leaving the newbie tea drinker grimacing from the bitter taste of the tea.  That was my story, I’m afraid.  This was such a great opportunity to provide that much-needed information to the Huffington crowd.

Perhaps my favorite part of the article is when he emphasizes the importance of shifting away from high-sugar beverages toward a healthier one – tea.  He even makes it simple to explore by providing an all-important link:

“Given the fact that soda is killing the nation promoting healthy drinking choices for all is more critical than ever.”

All in all, I’m delighted that Mr. Cooper wrote his piece for the Post.  With articles such as this, green tea will continue its rise in popularity to one day becoming the most widely consumed beverage in America – as it is in the world.