running shrineIf you are lucky enough to be passionate about something – and since you are reading this, you are likely passionate about tea – what better way to honor that passion than to set aside a little corner of your home as a shrine to it.  Sadly, many people go through their entire lives without developing a real passion for anything.  So if you are passionate about something, you have a reason to celebrate!

About 12 years ago, I rediscovered a passion I had as a child and young adult, but had chosen to ignore as I settled into married life, parenthood, and my career.  That passion was running.  As I built up my endurance and entered a few 5Ks, my passion grew and with it, my collection of ribbons and other mementos of each race.

Then, one day, I noticed a small ad at the back of Runner’s World Magazine for a shelf with 16 pegs beneath it intended for the display of ribbons, photographs, event brochures, and other memorabilia associated with running.  It struck an immediate chord and I quickly sent away for it.  When it arrived, I painted it and mounted it on the wall.  At last, I had my shrine to running.

I still run regularly and my running shelf still maintains its place of prominence in our breakfast nook.  Now, however, another passion dominates my time and attention.  Yes, tea!  So, it was only a matter of time before I felt compelled to carve out another spot in the house for tea.  At first, my tea and related accoutrements occupied half a shelf in our pantry.  Then, it took over the entire top shelf.  But it hardly seemed fair that all my tea stuff was hidden in the pantry.  I needed a place to display it proudly in full view.

teapotsIt just so happened that right around the time I was contemplating the next step in the evolution of my tea passion, we acquired a spice rack, the construction of which had been commissioned by my father many years ago.  Although I like a variety of spices, I could not see using this spice rack for its original purpose.  I could, however, see using it as the cornerstone of my tea shrine.  Now, every time I enter our kitchen, there it is – my shrine to tea.  Sadly, it is too narrow to accommodate my teapots – they are still on the top shelf of the pantry – but the expansion of my tea shrine is a project that will have to wait for another day.  In the meantime, I am enjoying what I have.