Den's Tea samplerThe tea sampler package from Den’s Tea, a Japanese tea company with an almost ten-year North American operation, had been sitting on my bookshelves since I received it weeks ago.  After finally opening the package the size of a USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate box, I was pleasantly surprised by the contents.  Succinctly labeled “Green Tea Sampler for Novices,” the sampler consisted of a “Green Tea and Human Health” booklet, a “Brewing of Japanese Tea” information sheet, brewing instructions, and tea filters, in addition to Den’s Tea’s product list and samples of both loose-leaf tea and tea bags – overall a nice presentation and introduction to not only the tea offered by Den’s Tea, but also green tea in general.

What should be included in a mail-order tea sampler to entice customers to make additional purchases?  At physical stores, the same objective can be much more easily achieved with the aid of professionally brewed tea samples and the persuasion of sales staff.  I enjoyed the sampler from Den’s Tea, as it sets the ambitious goal of educating the public about green tea basics and highlights the DIY (Do It Yourself) aspect of tea preparation, which has allowed me to experiment with simple tea brewing and select my favorite green tea from the comfort of my home.

Below is some of the new information I acquired from the sampler, which may be common knowledge to many T Ching readers:

–  Unopened tea should be stored in a refrigerated space.
–  Green tea has some ability to prevent bad breath.
–  When making iced tea, the tea should be steeped longer than the suggested time and immediately poured into a container with ice.