Tasseography – or tea-leaf reading – has become a popular topic in blogs, including T Ching’s.  While I love to read people’s descriptions of the art of tasseography, I have had a difficult time actually finding a place in Los Angeles that offers tea-leaf reading, which is too bad because I would love to interview a tea-leaf reader for my “Supernatural” course.  I was thinking about researching Taoist face reading when my professor, knowing how much I love tea, suggested I learn about tea-leaf reading.  (She knows me better than I realized!)  Personally, I would love to explore this art.

I am planning on doing some archival research and even have a few tasseography books on hold at the library, but I would still love some suggestions on real, live tea-leaf readers.  One aspect of tasseography that makes it so interesting is its subjectivity.  Without seeing how a tea-leaf reader makes sense of the leaves, I may have little luck eliciting information from a tasseography book.  I am more than ready to get my own tea-leaf reading done (or witness someone else’s reading)!

You may have guessed that I am writing this article for selfish reasons.   I recognize that my audience is knowledgeable about all things tea related and that some of you may have even gone to tea-leaf readers yourselves.  Basically, I would love to hear some suggestions.  Do any of you know any tea-leaf readers in West Los Angeles, Hollywood, or the San Fernando Valley (specifically people whose knowledge of tea-leaf reading has been passed down in their families)?

So, my T Ching audience, what is your experience with tea-leaf reading?  Have you ever visited a tea-leaf reader, or given a reading yourself?  I ask you because I always have the best of luck getting relevant – and timely – replies.