The holiday party season is fast approaching.  Need a new idea for a gathering that is just a little bit different and fresh?  How about a twist to the old-fashioned tea party?  Plan your usual exquisite tea party, but ask all the invitees to bring a special teacup of their own.  Ask them to bring a teacup that has a story – one that belonged to their grandmother, one their mother or aunt bought for them as a touching memento of some kind, or one they purchased while on a trip abroad.

This makes for a wonderful ice-breaker if your guests do not know each other very well, because you will ask them to briefly introduce themselves, hold up their cups, and share why the teacup they brought has meaning.  If your guests are long-time friends, I promise they will learn something about each other that they never knew before.  The stories will be warm, touching, entertaining, and even informative – all perfect elements for a fabulous gathering that will long be remembered.

There will be invitees who claim they have no teacup to share – this is when you can encourage them to purchase a special teacup gift for themselves.  During the season of giving, we sometimes forget to give to ourselves.

If they are not interested in purchasing a new teacup and saucer for themselves, ask them to bring the cup or mug they use on a regular basis – it has a story too, I can almost guarantee it.

The sharing of stories will become the focus of your party.  If you have anything else on your agenda, it may get lost as your guests travel down memory lane.  Please let them have this time to get to know each other at a deeper level.

Many will have memories of similar teacups and maybe even the particular pattern of the cup being shared.  You will be surprised at what presents itself at this type of tea party.  I strongly encourage you to try this during this holiday season – you will be remembered very fondly.

And, of course, serve good tea so they can enjoy the tea, too!


There is a place in me of
endless generosity.
I am open and giving, kind and friendly.
This is the me that God has always known.
From here, I know God is all there is.
We are one and love is all I am shown.
I accept this love and reject all else.
This love helps me project myself, my good,
my value and my virtue.
An open me extends love easily.
I welcome all others and socialize freely.
I open my heart and open my home,
and I see a whole new me –
confident, positive, living life,
keeping it real.
I give thanks to God for the good I feel.
This is really who I am.
I release all beliefs in a lesser me.
I let go and let God be, and I am shown divine hospitality.
This I know, love I show,
and in God I grow.