baby and teaThe day I found out I was pregnant, I put the teapot down.  After all, I did not want to do anything that could possibly harm my growing baby.  I put it down because most of what I read advised against it.  After what I read, I ultimately reasoned that pregnant women had been drinking tea for years before there were studies conducted, so therefore, I would as well.

I spoke to my midwife and she advised moderation – as with everything while pregnant.  I trusted that advice and my instinct and continued enjoying my tea.  I instantly felt better.  My morning sickness started to fade.  It seemed that the month I did not drink tea was the month during which I felt the worst.

I continued with my daily tea ritual, but I did eliminate pu-erh and black tea.  These two teas have always been a bit strong for me, so I figured I better leave them out during the pregnancy.

I did not have a single side effect that the studies warned about.  On the contrary, I think there were benefits to drinking tea.  I did not have gestational diabetes, I had normal blood pressure, my son was average weight, and I maintained an energy level that kept me active throughout my pregnancy.

My son is now two months old.  He was born at home with the help and care of midwives and I am thrilled to report that he is a happy, healthy, alert, and calm baby.

Following my instinct was the right choice for me.  To many, tea is another beverage, simply another option at breakfast.  For me, it’s a way of life.  It’s one that has taken the role of work, hobby, and ritual.

What’s in my cup now?  Silver Needle (hot) and Jade Oolong (cold).