I am always delighted when I see tea touted, referenced, or revered in books, music, TV, or film, particularly if it is done in a clever, amusing, or silly manner.  So when my husband – who is a musician and is always scouring the web for unusual music-related items – sent me a link to a music video called “A Cup of Brown Joy” by Elemental, I was interested.  Once I watched it, I was thrilled.

Never in a million years would I have thought an awkward British rapper in a pith helmet would express so many of the same sentiments I have about tea.  I can genuinely relate when he says “So when times get hard and life is rough.  You can stick the kettle on and find me a cup” and I can laughingly relate to his absurd devotion to Earl Grey in the verse “I’ve bathed in Earl Grey, I’m really that keen.”

Even though this is a particularly silly song, it has crept into my life.  I find myself singing it on a daily basis while I am making a cup of tea.   Most notably, the call-and-response portions of the song: “Now when I say oo- you say long.  Oo (long).  Oo (long).”

This song and video is a must listen for anyone who likes the absurd and is passionate about tea.  But consider yourself warned; it is really hard to get the song out of your head after hearing it a few times.  It almost becomes a curse.