It is in my plans to hike to a mountain top in China and drink tea in a beautiful secluded environment, as sometimes the location in which you drink tea can make the tea so much better.  My favorite cup of tea for the entire month of June was not a tea I would have viewed as anything special normally.  In fact, possibly I would have considered it downright awful.

Using unfiltered tap water heated in a plastic scaled electric kettle, this cup of tea – made with a bag of Twinnings Earl Grey – should have been far from my favorite.  Do not get my wrong.  I like Earl Grey from time to time, although unfiltered tap is not my preference for water.  What made this my favorite cup of tea for June was the fact that I enjoyed it during the morning on a tiny balcony in Venice, Italy.

The truth is that the location entirely made that cup of tea.  I could have been drinking one of the worst cups of tea in the world and I would have rather enjoyed it.  I sort of remember the taste of the tea, and do remember the water was bitter from the scale in the kettle and there was the unpleasant aroma of chlorine wafting from the cup, but it did not seem to matter.

This also gives credence to why I enjoy tea so much more sitting outside enjoying the weather and the surroundings.  So if you haven’t already try switching up the location where you have tea, I recommend the more picturesque the location the better.  I prefer outside in as natural a setting as possible.  I just feel I am much closer to nature when I am out in nature enjoying tea.

This brings me back to my desire to head to China and enjoy tea with fresh spring water on a mountain side, just like the famed tea masters of history, on the edges of a tea garden, or somewhere in the rocky misty folds of Mount Wuyi.