I poured the tea and waited till quarter past three …
while it cooled – I steeped.
The visions soon crept – I am not one to be fooled.
Love finally arrived … and it was radiant … and right on time.
I asked, “Where have you been and what have you seen?”
Love said, “I have been all around, all over and under.”
I asked love, “Speak to me as I sip my tea and tell me of the song in your heart.
Sing it to me right from the start
I wish to know every note of you.”
Love gathered itself …
it breathed and let itself be.
It gathered its threads.
“Ah, what a fine cloth we shall weave, you and me.”
Silver threads of wisdom;
Golden threads of wealth;
Copper strands of worthiness;
as love breathed, it covered me in its tapestry.
As I breathed, I felt its warmth.
“Take me in slowly,” it said.
“I wish not to singe your lungs
nor burn your heart.”
Love said it had been here from the start,
that it began long ago.
It said, “I am smiling at you,
I am taking in your youth, for I am very old.”
It said it was all the stories I had ever been told – and more.
“How much more can love be and how old can you be?” I asked.
Love smiled, its teeth were large and white.
Love said, “I am older than time and I am as old as truth.”
It informed me that love and truth were born together.
Love knew truth, and without truth, love could not really be.
Truth and love agreed to be together forever.
So, I invited truth to sit down for tea.
We all sat down, us three.
Love, truth, and me, we sipped our tea, all from the very same cup.
I wondered where we three would journey and if we had ever missed a spot.
As I sipped the last drop … I worried not.