Month: July 2010

Tea time alfresco

Afternoon TeaShould be provided, fresh supplies, bread and butter,fancy pastries, cakes, etc.Being brought in as other guests arrive.-  Ms. Beaton’s Book of Household ManagementSummertime is always full of family and...

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Part 1 – The inspiration

In 2005, I was working for a consulting company called Accenture.  I enjoyed the job, but didn’t love it, and was always looking for a way to break out of the corporate rat race.  I was working and living in London for a client...

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Scenery makes the cup

It is in my plans to hike to a mountain top in China and drink tea in a beautiful secluded environment, as sometimes the location in which you drink tea can make the tea so much better.  My favorite cup of tea for the entire...

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