tea cigaretteNot quite sure what a caption like “Don’t smoke tea. Drink cigarettes” is trying to accomplish.  But after seeing the accompanying photo – besides getting a laugh – you may become even more befuddled by its design.  Instead of tobacco, the cigarettes in this photo are filled with tea leaves.  Put one of them in a cup of hot water – just like a tea bag – and you will have a cup of tea.  Who would be interested in drinking tea packaged in such a manner?  Perhaps smokers who can’t live without a cigarette in sight at all times?  This concept has seemingly been conceived purely for the purpose of gaining attention.

Hanger Tea, created by Korean designer Soon Mo Kang, on the other hand, has received rave reviews.  The tea bag resembles a T-shirt, or tea-shirt.  Tea specifications are printed on color-coded mini paper hangers.  In the box, the tea bags – or tea-shirts – hang on a rod the way clothes hang in a closet, and when steeping this tea, the hanger conveniently hangs on the cup’s rim.

tea mugBulky and fragile souvenir mugs seem to have lost favor among travelers for quite some time, although they are still a fixture at every touristy spot’s gift shop.   One wonders why heat-sensitive mugs have not become more commonplace.  One such heat-sensitive mug displays a polar landscape before hot water is added; then, as the temperature of the mug rises, the iceberg melts.  Imagine enjoying a cup of tea while being reminded of global warming!  A simpler version is the On Off Mug.  When the liquid in the mug is hot, the word “On” is shown to warn its user.

And what can be said about the cup whose handle is embellished with a jewel, enabling its holder to appear to be wearing a ring?  It just shows that human creativity has no bounds and its value lies in the eyes of the beholder.